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Health Packages

Good health can be a job in itself, especially with today's fast paced, high stress lifestyles where we're constantly juggling 'life' and 'style'. With a little precaution, and 'lifestyle management', we can take charge of our health, balance life, and get back to wellness.

Regular health check-ups help detect early signs and disorders, and even prevent them from progressing.
For more information please reach us on 88790 01670.

Find the Health Check-Up Package that's right for you:
  • Basic
  • Executive
  • Executive Premium
  • Comprehensive
  • Comprehensive Premium
  • Senior Citizen Package (for male)
  • Senior Citizen Package (for females)
  • Cardiac Assessment Package

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HCU Details

General Instructions:
  • Before your health check-up, kindly collect the kit containing a urine & stool container from the ground floor reception of the OPD.
  • Please fast for 12-14 hours before arriving for your health check-up. We provide a healthy breakfast.
  • Carry any old medical reports, x-ray or records along with you.< /li>
  • If you are on any medication, please take them as per routine, especially if you are hypertensive. If you are diabetic, please carry your medication with you.
  • Wear comfortable footwear like sport shoes and attire (short sleeves) that aids a blood test.
  • Avoid jewelry and valuables on the day of your check-up.
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages preferably up to 72 hours prior to your health check-up, it may cause a variance in result.
  • Male members undergoing stress tests are requested to shave their chest (collar bone to abdomen).
  • For ophthalmic consultation, kindly remove your contact lenses (if applicable) a day prior to check-up and bring your old glasses and prescription.
  • First time visitors need to register at an additional charge of Rs 250/-
  • Get sufficient rest.
  • Although HbA1c gives a three-month average control of blood glucose level, fasting and postprandial blood glucose estimation is advisable.
  • Home collection facility is available for anyone desiring the convenience of their samples getting picked up from home. Applicable rates will apply unless otherwise specified.
  • Breakfast or home collections will be applicable depending on the individual’s choice.
  • An additional 10% discount is available for investigations, which are not part of the chosen Health Check Up package, if these additional tests are done on the same day.
Special Instructions for Women:
  • The PAP smear test and urine routine will not be carried out during your menses (period). Please plan your health check-up to avoid these dates.
  • Even if you suspect pregnancy please inform the technician before any test, especially an x-ray.
Please Note:
  • Additional tests, consultations and procedures will be billed separately as per OPD charges.
  • Reports will be available a day after your health check-up.
  • Pap smear reports will be available on the next working day by 12 noon.
  • Inform us in case of any cancellation or delays, so that we can offer the slot to the next patient on the waiting list.

Good health is a boon but yet it is the most neglected point in our daily lives. As it is said, ignorance is bliss!! And only when there is a health problem or emergency do we wake up to the fact. Hinduja hospital, Khar offers a simple yet precise selection of health packages in Mumbai that comprises of the basic to the comprehensive. These preventive health check-up packages help promote good health, identify problem areas in health so that corrective measures and treatment can be initiated to avoid later complications. The hospital also provides customized full body check-up packages to corporates based on individual demographics of age, gender as well as eligibility of individual employees. Filling in the gap between ideal and actual, these health check-up packages help to put the ideology of prevention is better than cure, into actual action.